FAQ: How to use Softzap?

How to download software from Softzap?

It’s easy to download software with a single click, just go on the software detail page and click on download now button. Most important thing it’s never before to download faster as Softzap provide.

How to save files?

1. About “SAVE”
A box will appear when you try to download some software. It reminds you to choose “RUN” or “SAVE” the file. Please choose the “SAVE”

2. About “save location”
The default save location for most computers is the "My Documents" folder but you can change whatever you want.

3. The way to change downloads locations
1) Start to download a new file. It can be the same program as you just downloaded or another one.
2) A box will appear which reminding you to choose “RUN” or “SAVE” the file. Please choose the “SAVE”
3) The "save box" should open now. The folder name at the top middle of the "save box" is your current download location.
4) Choose the button “browse” and choose any disc and any folder as you want.

How to become a member?

There are two account management systems for visitor:
1.Member with website Register Feature
2. Member with the Social media Feature

 Website Register:
1. Please click “Register” of the top right of our home page: 
2. Fill the boxes as inquired in the  Register page  and submit.
3. Please check your email to confirm your registration.

Social media Register:

1. Click on the login link on the top right
2. Register with the social media easy just click on the social media login button inside the login page.

How to update my e-mail?

Update My E-mail 
1. Log in your account; find the button “view my profiled”
2. Click the button "Edit my account”, update and change the information as you want.
3. Fill the related information with the very box “E-mail Address” , press the button “update my profiled”
4. Done

How to change/ retrieve password?

Change Password
Click on the "Change My Password" link at the right of your WatchList page and follow the instruction.
1. Log in account ,find the button “view my profiled”
2. Click the button “Change my password”
3. Fill the boxes as inquired Eg: Old password, New password, confirm password
4. Click the button ” Submit”

How to get the forgotten password?

1.To retrieve the password click on forgot password link.
2. Enter your registered email id and submit.
3. Check your email account and you have option to change or optional password to login.

What is Software rating?

The customers can assign mark for any software.
1. Go on the software description page
2. Top right click on write a review
3. Here you can add your ratings for the specific software
4. Also insert the comments related to the software

How to find a specific product on Softzap?

1. Please visit our new search on top and write the specific keyword
2. Also select the appropriate category to find the right software