About Softzap

Softzap.com was created because of the widespread cases of malware-infected software and viruses of some of the oldest software download portals. Most of the free software download sites do not test their downloads for viruses while those that do attempt to infect your system with different toolbars or even spyware. To solve the problem of virus and malware softzap was created to offer free software with a safe and secure download of all you require.

While creating this website our main goal was to offer a safe place where netizens could find the best-updated software for free. We have managed to remain the best in the market because we have incorporated different technologies which are all in the house to help us identify the best quality software and rank them without bias.


Our prime concern is to set up a single platform from where our esteemed clients can download the best quality, efficient and latest version of free software’s - without facing the issues of excessive pop-ups, spyware, and money depositing. Thus, we have created the softzap.com website

Our History

The vision of creating and safe and free software download website came in 2012 before its actual implementation in 2017. After the complete update of our site, we received more than 10,000 downloads within our first month and we have grown from strength to strength. In 2018 we upgraded our system to accommodate more software. The same year our team of experts grew from 5 to the current 15 with most of them being experts in software development.

Our location

Our head office is located in Greater Noida in India. We have however connections in all the continents in the world through our different services. Being located in India we abide by all the laws of India. We also ensure that we abide by the laws of all the other countries which we operate in.

What makes Softzap.com different?

There are many reasons why you softzap is the ideal software downloading site. First, the team behind this great work has massive experience in software development. Some have more than 10 years working in leading IT firms. This helps them identify the best sites for users and they easily remove software which they feel can be harmful to users. To ensure that we remain the best we update our systems regularly to incorporate the latest software while still keeping the old versions of the upgraded software for people to compare.

Key Features:

Deliver quality software as believe in quality, not capacity. Provide good downloading speed to make downloads prompt and hassle-free. We keep old versions of software along with the latest version because being our user if you don’t comfortable with using the new one; you can easily go back to the old one. For this, no additional charges need to pay. 100% genuine and valid free software. No sort of viruses and spyware problem needs to face as all products are authentic. A filter software facility is also available through which you’ll get to know about Freeware or Non-beta software easily. Technical assistance for downloading software. The facility of RSS feeds for all information, groups and entity programs. Optimized pages to enhance browser speed. Here, we don’t accept software directly from publishers because softzap.com is user based site. Thus, we evaluate the market consistently for the latest software to enlist here.

Here are 8 reasons why softzap is the best for you:

  • The software you download is handpicked by our team of professionals to ensure its safe for your system and it’s of the right quality.
  • We cover both Mac and windows with the latest apps.
  • We update our systems on a daily bases to ensure that we offer the latest and the best.
  • We enable you to download the old fashion of an app you like if you don’t like its new fashion.
  • Our interface is user-friendly to ensure easy time with our visitors.
  • No adverts on our website just to ensure fast downloads while reducing the chances of possible threats which can come inform of adverts.
  • All our software is fully tested for virus and spyware.
  • We have optimized pages to ensure a better and faster browsing experience.

Work Culture

At softzap, the main focus is the client. We ensure that we deliver the best software and that’s how our popularity is rising. Quality is what matters to us and we do anything to ensure that the right software is available on our website.

About Visitor Traffic

Traffic is essential for all websites. A fast and reliable website is likely to receive more traffic than a slow and unreliable one.  Our team offers the expertise of increasing traffic on websites by making your website attractive and eliminating ads which have become the biggest headache for most websites in recent years.


Our mission is to enable access to trusted and safe software. We will not relent in offering the best for all users across the globe.


Our vision is to be the leading software download website in the world offering quality to people of all origins.

Privacy policy

We have created this policy to make sure that the information obtained from our users is fully protected and kept in confidentiality. We do not share information about our clients with third parties. All information is well secured and remains your property. Use this policy as a guarantee to you.
To help you get the best from us we use your IP address to identify your preferences in order to help you make the best choice while on our website.
Through this, we also use cookies to ensure that we keep track of what you prefer. We ensure that all your information is well guarded.

If you have any better thoughts and views regarding softzap.com, send us immediately at info@softzap.co or softzap@gmail.com. We always welcome new plans and ideas that make our site effective and better. So, send your opinions, troubles or suggestion via using our email address.